Wednesday, June 01, 2016

WHM + CPanel setting up ssh access

To set up shell access via ssh to a server for which I have Web Host Manager (WHM) and CPanel access:

1. Import my existing ssh public key to the server via the CPanel of the relevant user - by clicking Manage SSH keys - for this, as this post mentions, the key should be prefaced with ssh-rsa and should not have line breaks within the key.
2. The key should be authorized - from the Manage SSH keys interface, by clicking on the Manage authorization link. Now ssh login via key exchange using that key would be possible, for that user.
3. In order to get to a root shell, that user has to be added to the wheel group, after making sure that user is in a full shell and not a jailed shell - via WHM in Home >> Account Functions >> Manage Shell Access and Home >> Security Center >> Manage Wheel Group Users respectively.

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