Thursday, February 09, 2017

some notes on download speeds

There was a planetarium show which was offered for a free download as a single 150 GB file from an FTP server. Some notes on my experience trying to download it.

I tested the download and found that FTP download is limited to 1 Mbps for us per connection over Tata internet 14 Mbps line.

With CuteFTP, max 4 connections = 4 Mbps.

With our server in the US, single connection on 1 Gbps line to backbone, 80 Mbps.

Downloading from our US server to Studio / Planetarium over SFTP - 8 Mbps, maybe will go up to the rated 14 Mbps at night.

So, if similar speeds are experienced, probably the best way would be to download to our US server, and then download to Studio/Planetarium in batches.

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