Saturday, September 01, 2007


Over the last few days:

1. P's Powerbook G4 65 watt power adapter - seems to be faulty, tho simple multimeter voltage readings show nothing even for the iBook's working 45 watt adapter. The 65 w adapter has a light at the end of the plug which used to light up when they touch the plug tip, it no longer lights up. And no charge indication on the Powerbook either. Apple Bangalore asked for Rs. 2,500 for just testing! Cheaper to buy a new adapter!

2. Some progress on the RadioSai schedule page being written for us by B in php, the schedule not being shown by default was my crib, it turns out it just needed the DefaultStreamId to be set properly in the Constants section. Now maybe we can stuff it with data and do performance tests.

3. Saicast download: not the bandwidth hog we had feared - maybe people are just coming to know about this feature slowly.

4. Nessus audits for our machines, ITC. Also told R about it. Planning on Snort/Tripwire also.

5. Phplist - exporting users and importing - need to first delete blacklisted (meaning unsubscribed) users and also unconfirmed users, since importing auto-confirms. P also reports crashes for importing all 20k+ users, so he's exporting 5k at a time or something like that.

6. R on security implications of ERP software running on JBoss without SSL, ettercap and such. Various ways of making it SSL, like and also worst case fix of using a remote login with SSH!

7. Lots of Mandir recordings.

8. Video studio recording floor D contemplating
Mackie TT24 and Marian Marc X 24.

9. The Yamaha AW4416 in Mandir is having hard disk problems, I think. Sometimes (when it is hot) doesn't shut down normally, with the hdd light continuously lit, stuck at 'change mode to Song' or 'Save Song'. Maybe formatting the hdd will help?

10. Many cards blown on the Annual Motion slot: Is it due to overheating or is there a short or is there a defect in the cards which came back after repair? Also, down to last spare lamp for Star projector.

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