Monday, April 04, 2011

configuring the DFL-210 router without NAT

The studio got a bunch of IP addresses on a different subnet and a single IP address to connect to the ISP. Using the old DLink DFL-210 router to do the routing, steps to get it working were:

  1. remove the firewall rules mentioning NAT.

  2. add a single firewall rule with all services allow as below.

  3. Add appropriate IP addresses at the LAN and WAN end in the 'address book'.

  4. Routing is already enabled as below by default, so nothing else needs to be done.
(This means that all packets meant for ip addresses in lannet should go to the lan interface, all packets meant for the outside world - all-nets - should go to the wan interface and so on.) Even though "all services" are enabled, the router is intelligent enough not to allow access to its control panel from WAN port - accessing it gives an error 403.

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