Thursday, June 16, 2011

importing SGH M CDs into local database

Found that only upto SGH M 244 has been imported into SGH database. PB reported that after shifting to the Dell servers, the script that imports the cd into the database failed as it had some gui components in it and not just command line. Checking the code, found the following and modified:

1. The script had a call to the binary message
which basically just displays a message to insert the cd. I have made this into an echo statement.

2. After that, had a call to the binary question

That also I turned into an echo statement.

3. Next, called the binary error
That also I changed to a simple echo statement. Then a call to question, which I turned to echo and read.

4. Next call to error and question come from which I again changed to echo and read.

5, Next came which had calls to error which I changed to echo.

6. Next, had a call to broadcastcenter, but it had already been commented out.

Importing worked after this.

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