Wednesday, November 16, 2011

local recording along with live streaming

S was looking for solutions for local recording along with live streaming, for upload to vimeo later. He wanted to explore Quicktime broadcaster for this.

There are several possible solutions, which we can try out.

1. Use a DV hub, record DV on another computer, encode offline after the event, then upload. This will result in best quality.

2. Record on DV tape on the DV VCR which you are using as source, capture and encode after the event. The tape has to start before the stream starts, and the tape has to last for the entire event, because stopping the tape causes the stream to restart.

3. Recording on the same machine which is doing the broadcasting - seems to require some funky workaround like
but may be possible. To open multiple instances of FMLE you have to use this technique:

4. Using Quicktime broadcaster instead of FMLE is also probably possible, wowza server supports QT broadcaster also as a source. But broadcaster also seems to have the same limitations - setting up the entire chain for it separately seems to be a waste of effort.

(Finally the solution chosen was 1.)

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