Tuesday, December 13, 2011

shutting down a Windows server remotely

H & N wanted a method of shutting down their server from the client machine at the counter. Client running Windows XP, server running Win2003 server. From Microsoft documentation, an example batch file (contents shown below), which can be put on the desktop, and double-clicked to shutdown the server. You will need to change the servername in the batchfile for this to work, and of course rename it as something.bat .
type "Are you sure you want to shut down the server? Press any key to continue"

shutdown -m \\servername -t 10 -c "Shutting down server in 10 seconds"

To start up the server, I mentioned Wake up On Lan to them, but their BIOS had another option for timed startup, so that is what they are using - starts up at a particular time.

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