Monday, January 16, 2012

ebook reader on iphone

I'm back to the iPhone - the farewell did not work out! Selling it on ebay did not work so well, as the highest bidders seems to be phoneys who bid higher than the Buy Now price, and then did not pay up. Also, the touchscreen on the windows mobile stopped working, making it lose a lot of functionality, like zooming pdfs and images. Showing IRCTC and KSRTC tickets on the mobile then becomes difficult :)
So, back to iPhone.

Unfortunately, I overwrote Stanza with the newer version, which crashes for old versions of iOS. Installing old versions of Kindle and Stanza with iFunBox did not work - the apps always crashed. Researched and found:

PDF Reader Lite - reflow doesn't work very well, very slow, but works.

ePagine Reader - did not crash, but could not see the sideloaded epub books.

iFlow Reader - need to rename the epubs to the same name as one of the three supplied epub books!

Bluefire reader - works like a charm for epub.

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