Saturday, January 28, 2012

firewall rule to restrict browsing during live times

P wanted some firewall rules on Cyberoam so that the live video broadcasts are not affected by people browsing, downloading, etc.

1. Added a schedule under
Firewall -> Schedule -> Define Schedule
called LiveTimes and added the times 7.50 am to 10 am and 4.25 pm to 6.30 pm.

2. Created a Bandwidth policy under
Policies -> Bandwidth Policy -> Create Policy
called LiveTimesThrottle to throttle bw to 256 kbps up and down.
It says Bandwidth in KB - so we have to enter 256/8 = 32 in the box there.

3. Added the LiveTimes schedule for this policy.

4. Added it to Firewall rule in Firewall -> Manage Firewall -> Rule 1 Any Host to Any Host Accept.
Now I am not sure if the Voxel traffic also will be allowed! So, adding a firewall rule,

5. LAN Any Host -> WAN Any Host, RTMP service, Accept + MASQ, with no time/bandwith limit.

Unfortunately, this had the opposite effect to what was desired - during the live times the bandwidth was unlimited, and at other times the bandwidth policy was enforced! This was because the bandwidth policy page says:
Default Values to be applied all the time....
and the schedule is added under
Add Schedule wise details to override default Bandwidth details

So one way out would have been to reverse the schedule timings. But P wanted an alternate solution, just giving priority to the RTMP streams to and from Voxel instead of throttling all traffic on all days at those times. So, he decided on creating a bandwidth policy, Guaranteed 1 Mbps (128 KB) and Burstable 2 Mbps (256 KB) for RTMP service to voxel, with maximum 0 priority. Now we have to check whether enabling just this bandwidth policy is enough by itself, or we need to explicitly de-prioritize other traffic.

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