Saturday, March 31, 2012

creating closed caption subtitles for youtube videos

Youtube gives the option for closed captioning, which can be used to provide subtitles for videos. The part 1 of this post details the creation of the subtitle .srt file, which can be used for viewing subtitles on desktop players also. Part 2 walks through the process of adding the .srt file to youtube. The workflow follows this youtube tutorial,

Part 1 - creating the SRT file.

1. Download and install DivXLand Media Subtitler from
2. Create subtitles in notepad, use | to delineate multiline titles, else one line per subtitle.
3. File -> Open Text or Subtitle to open the text file create above,
    File -> Open video - rename flv video to mp4, if not recognized by the player.
4. Click apply and hold for as long as you want the title to appear.
5. Repeat till end of video, deleting duplicate last title if any.
    File -> Save As SRT

Part 2 - applying to youtube video
1. Upload video to youtube.
2. Choose Video Manager in your youtube account dropdown,

3. In the Edit dropdown, choose Captions,
4. Select Add New Caption 

 5. Choose this SRT file you have created using the browse button, and click the upload file button.

Edit: If you want youtube to show subtitles or captions ON by default, you must add the following tag to the video - yt:cc=on

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