Saturday, May 25, 2013

fulldome frame from celestia using the cube2dome method

Inspired by Ryan Wyatt's article about making fisheye frames from partiview using 6 cube faces, and with the help of code from Selden to display the six different fields of view top, down, left, right, front and back, hacked out a series of screenshots from Celestia and stitched them together to make a fulldome domemaster fisheye image with the help of the archived version of Paul Bourke's cube2dome_linux. On my first try, the registration was not perfect:
Then I thought maybe this was because the frames were not perfectly square. In order to get exactly square pixels, I had to resize the Celestia window to get exactly equal width and height. The getscreendimension function gives the x and y, but there is no "setscreendimension". So I just used the example script at for getscreendimension and kept calling it after tweaking the window size till I got 1002 x 1002 - it could have been any square size, I suppose. Taking those screenshots and making a domemaster, this time it meshed perfectly:

But this is just one frame! So I have to decide whether to pursue this time-consuming route or just purchase the Software Bisque Theater edition as suggested as one of the alternatives to Uniview by Paul Bourke.

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