Thursday, December 05, 2013

network congestion and the nuclear option

Before starting the evening live broadcast today, listening to AsiaStream took a long time to buffer. Checking cyberoam usage logs, found that WAN download was maxing out. Even the firewall rule was not helping, probably because the connections were made before 4.15 pm, and the firewall rule after 4.15 pm would affect only new connections.

Under these conditions, BUTT would not connect easily. Earlier, I would just restart cyberoam (soft restart) and that would kill all concurrent connections, allowing BUTT to connect.

This time, went into Cyberoam -> System -> Diagnostics -> Active Connections list, and killed around 10-15 of the around 400 active connections, which had used max download bandwidth. Most of them were port 443 - https - most probably youtube. One or two were chat ports 5222 etc. Then was able to start streaming without issues.

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