Tuesday, May 27, 2014

simpleslug upscale

Checked out simpleslug upscale. Not directly useful for me, since the output is set to presets like 1080p 720p etc. Internally, it uses Blackman Resize, which is similar to, but better than Lanczos with higher number of taps. From this discussion linked on that page, it looks like sinc resize with avisynth might yield the best results for upscaling. But in our case, the loss of clarity seems to be more due to the codec used for the lo-res videos.

Update (2 June): As mentioned by the SimpleSlug author in the comments, was able to use simpleslug upscale with SimpleSlugUpscale(prog=true,outwidth=2048, outheight=2048)

As compared to doing Lanczos resize + Sharpen in Virtualdub below.


  1. I was just reviewing my website's statistics and noticed a visit from your blog, leading me to this post, and I thought I should clarify: the presets I offer in SimpleSlugUpscale are only to provide a convenient way for users to achieve the most common output sizes. Using the 'outwidth' and 'outheight' parameters you can, in fact, specify any output resolution you like. You can also use any of Avisynth's built in resizers, including SincResize.

    My documentation is admittedly imperfect, and sooner or later I plan to rewrite it with more usage examples.

  2. Thanks. Editing the post to reflect this.