Thursday, December 04, 2014

internet radio, AppleTV etc and possible local issues

The Logitech internet radio of our neighbour was "not working". Found that the radio had some issues connecting when their ip camera is streaming. If the internet radio is started before the camera, then it can play even when the camera is on. Possible mitigation by reducing the frame rate or resolution of the camera image for reducing its network usage.

In case they think of the Apple TV or Roku, the internet connection may need to be upgraded. Some Indian reviewers mention that Apple TV needed > 5 Mbps for smooth video. Apparently Apple TV does not support live streams. So, the live broadcasts can't be watched (without airplay and another apple device, of course) only after the program concludes can those programs be watched. Maybe support for live will come later, like for the iOS app.

Similarly, the Roku Youtube app also has limitations, it apparently works only in US, UK, Canada and Ireland.

Here is a nice review of many of the current set top boxes, but US-centric

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