Thursday, January 08, 2015

iphone caveats

Caveats for an old jailbroken iPhone 3G which I wrote down for N:

So Skype cannot be installed. Other things to note:
  • If you sync with iTunes DO NOT upgrade the iOS version with iTunes when it says "Newer version available", upgrade will cause the jailbreak to fail. Check the box saying don't show me this again, and hit Cancel. 
  • If you sync with iTunes, if you connect to another computer with iTunes ans sync there, all your music files will be automatically deleted. So, DO NOT sync with other computers if you want to retain your music files.
  • If you wish to transfer files to and from the iphone, copy trans manager is a better iTunes alternative, will not automatically delete.
  • Change the screen time-out using Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock 
  • I used iTunes to change the Phone name, and uninstalled it after use. 

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