Friday, January 23, 2015

using the web version of whatsapp

The instructions for using the web version are a bit terse: "simply open in Chrome. You'll see a QR code — scan that inside of WhatsApp, and voila. Your phone will need to stay connected to the Internet for the Web client to work".

And how does one "scan that inside of WhatsApp"?

For scanning the QR code, you will need the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone. At this time, WhatsApp Web is available only for Android, Windows Phone, Nokia S60, BlackBerry and BB10 smartphones. With the latest version which supports the web client, if you go to the menu (on Android, by going to the chats screen and clicking on the ... on the top right corner) you will find a Whatsapp Web option. Choosing that option opens up the QR code scanning utility. Initial screen is a help screen which shows what is to be done, click past it and then just frame the QR code within the QR code scanning utility's bounding box. 

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