Tuesday, March 03, 2015

free planetarium show - solar system adventure

The BFI lists this show,
with a short intro and more info,

SOLAR SYSTEM ADVENTURE - embark on a 12-minute adventure to explore the planets, moons and countless other objects orbiting our nearest star the Sun. Make a quick stop at each of the planets to examine its makeup. Enjoy an unforgettable cruise through the rings of Saturn as you zig-zag past countless pieces of ice. Discover the mystery and beauty of our planetary neighbourhood in this fast-paced, informative film.

Length: 12 min
KS 2-5, general audiences
Full preview: http://bit.ly/bfi-ssa
Available as: 1600px MOV in English, French & Italian
User Agreement to complete.
For your copy contact: free_int@bfi.gb.com

Short link to this page: http://bit.ly/bfi_ssa

BFI logo and link,  currently it goes to their facebook page,

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