Wednesday, June 10, 2015

full playback of downloaded youtube 1080p videos

In my earlier post, I had noted that the files repaired with mp4box -isma still would not play with DirectShow etc. Finally did a better analysis of the issue and found a solution.

As the mp4box documentation says, mp4box -info file.mp4 gives information about the file. Found that the downloaded youtube mp4 file, after the -isma fix, had three streams, like
Track # 1 Info - TrackID 201 - TimeScale 90000 - Duration 00:30:14.033
Track # 2 Info - TrackID 2 - TimeScale 90000 - Duration 00:00:01.000
Track # 3 Info - TrackID 1 - TimeScale 90000 - Duration 00:00:01.000

So, taking out only the genuine video track, in this case TrackID 201, made the file playable. In my case, I added the audio from the 360p file also, as below.

mp4box -add E1080p.mp4#201 -add E360p.mp4#audio E.mp4

So the output file E.mp4 contains the video track with TrackID 201 and the audio track from the second file - this file plays fine with DirectShow. 

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