Sunday, February 12, 2012

ebook readers on iphone redux

In my previous post, I mentioned that Bluefire reader is working fine. But... while using, found that sometimes it becomes very slow. Slow to load, 2-3 minutes to start; slow to change pages, sometimes taking 2-3 seconds or more. Looking around for other options, found this post, and also this comparison wikipedia page.

Tried out BeyondPrint, ShuBook and uBooks.

BeyondPrint - interface looks very similar to BlueFire reader, has similar limitations. But also supports PDF.

ShuBook - is quick and responsive, but can only load books from the online sources built-in with the free version. The paid version has the option for us to load our own books etc.

uBooks - Can upload books with wifi using its own web interface. Web interface doesn't work with Firefox which complains about some incompatibility, but works fine with IE. Has a slightly different interface - not the paginated interface of other ebook readers, but allows continuous scrolling. Also jumps to "next page" with a tap on rhs of screen.

So, as of now, using ShuBook for books from Gutenberg et al, and uBooks for others.

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