Friday, September 19, 2014

using virtualdub frameserver for warping tool GL_warp2Avi

Finally found a workaround for the 2 GB and avi only input limitations of GL_warp2Avi using Virtualdub's frameserver and the Avifile client bundled with Virtualdub. (auxsetup.exe).

Earlier method with AVFS - which uses Pismo File Mount Audit package to mount - had limitations - GL_warp2Avi crashed with a 3.5 GB mp4 file used as directshowsource in avisynth avs file.

With the Virtualdub frameserver, just naming the signpost file with an avi extension was enough, after the Avifile client bundled with Virtualdub was installed. Tested with 20 minute pieces with no problems. 40,000+ frames.

But in the process, found a somewhat new issue - the menu items don't appear to be visible when the GL_warp2Avi window is moved to the secondary monitor. So at present I just run it from the primary monitor. Minimizing the window did not seem to have any ill effect. Re-sizing the window would cause the output video also to be re-sized, of course. 

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