Sunday, January 18, 2015

xiaomi mi3 reboot loop

I wanted to downgrade the xiaomi mi3 phone to the firmware customized for India, which is MIUI v5, after the upgrade while trying to solve the earpiece issue. The MIUI 6 had too many China-specific defaults, and even seemed to not work with Airtel's *123# USSD service. When I just downloaded the firmware, copied it to the phone and tried to update using the phone's update tool, choosing the update file using the menu, the phone went into a reboot loop.

Apparently a complete system wipe is needed when downgrading - but not needed for upgrading.

Came out of the reboot loop using the reboot to recovery mode option, by pressing down the power and volume UP button. From there, chose to wipe entire phone, and then it gave option of booting to System 1 or System 2. Booting to System 1 gave a functional phone, but when I tried to install apps, found that it did not have google play services! System 2 was the MIUI 6.

Then I thought of using the method of updating the phone from recovery mode - copied the v5 firmware using USB to the phone's root directory, renamed as and used the recovery mode option to write to System 1. There were some hiccups due to loose contacts in the USB cable. Windows refused to recognize the device with the flaky cable, booted into Ubuntu and did the job.

So, finally back to MIUI v5, but the background and lock screen I had previously seems to be gone - maybe those were flipkart customizations? Anyway, loaded most of the apps I had before, and things seem OK now. 

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