Tuesday, January 20, 2015

problems with xiaomi mi3

The first problem with the phone has surfaced. Perhaps it is related to the inadvertent water treatment it received.  After a call which I put on speakerphone, when I switched back to earpiece, the earpiece did not work. At first I thought it must be a software problem, so I thought a factory reset, or if that fails, upgrading to a newer ROM (firmware) might solve it, as per this thread.

But no. Upgraded to the latest MIUI 6, but problem persisted.

According to this thread, if the hardware test fails, have to return for repair or replacement. So I dialled  *#*#64663#*#* and did the test, no sound.

Then I thought, if it is a hardware issue, it must be some sort of stuck relay or contact. Gave it a couple of hard whacks with the USB charger connected. And hey-presto - started working :)

Unfortunately the problem keeps resurfacing now, even when I do not put the phone in speaker-phone mode. Occasional hard taps are needed for the earpiece to start working. Sometimes irritating when receiving a call.

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