Saturday, November 15, 2014

adventures with a Xiaomi Mi3 phone

Was gifted a Xiaomi Mi3 phone in mid October. Now that I've used it for nearly a month, can write a bit about it. As the reviews say, it's a very nice phone, looks very distinguished. The few disadvantages from my point of view are maybe the large size and the slippery feel of the metallic body. Also the audio quality of the built-in headset needs a bit of tweaking - too much bass, making conversations somewhat unintelligible sometimes. Privacy concerns may have been addressed by the firmware update which I have applied.

Just a day or two after I got it, it fell into water and was completely underwater for a second or two, during a power outage when I was using it as a torch. Switched it off as soon as I fished it out, and kept it for 24 hours in an airtight container with raw rice for drying it. Then kept it on top of a warm fridge voltage stabilizer for another 12 hours to ensure that it has dried, and then switched on. No damage to normal operations, except for a sort of water stain which can be seen on the screen when the screen is completely white.

The processor + GPU is more capable than my work computer in playing high bitrate high resolution videos. For eg. a 10 Mbps 2K video which played at 0.5x on my laptop played back perfectly on the phone, using ES File Explorer to read it over a shared volume. The phone's 1920x1080 screen is higher res than my laptop's 1280x720!

Skype, Viber, Youtube etc etc all work without a hitch, and the mobile browsing experience is really good. The touch response is iPad-esque, not skittery like the cheaper Samsungs. Another good point is that the lock screen swipe does not happen accidentally from the pocket, unlike my earlier HTC. Overall, very happy with it. 

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