Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Oculus Rift trials

Finally a post on the Oculus Rift DK2. I had tried out Google Cardboard earlier, and wanted to see how much better the Rift is. Unfortunately the system specs needed are very steep. Smooth 70 fps+ framerates were obtained only on a machine with the following specs, which costs more than Rs. 2 lakhs:

A Mac Mini was not enough - the frame rate was 10 fps for the Tuscany Demo. A few of the Rift demos I sampled were the following:

Short notes:
VRSurgery - view is like a big screen tv with a wide field of view.
3d gallery - interesting and works OK.
HiyoshiJump - a simple demo
bungee - no hmd detected - probably this does not work with DK2
surface of mars - an OK demo
spacewalk - limited?
Malfunction - hmd?
mars walk - field of view not as good as "surface of mars"
chair in a room - an OK demo
earthvr - needs a good internet connection and good specs for the machine
roculus - a lo res demo
vrspacetunnel - wrong registration - probably doesn't work with DK2
Titans of space worked at 15 fps on the Mac Mini
Unity demo - at 10 fps on the Mac Mini
Trying a fisheye movie Cosmic Colors on liveviewrift - not very clear focus, equirec mode
vrplayer not available for Mac, so can't do a head to head comparison with Google Cardboard.
Edit - KolorEyes player is available for both Cardboard (Android) and Oculus. Renders well.

My conclusion of Rift vs Cardboard - Cardboard's strength is affordability -smooth display, no rendering lags on low cost hardware. With a powerful machine, Rift shines due to configurability, input methods, hand tracking possibilities, etc. 

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