Friday, June 05, 2015

recording tests with Zoom H1

The Zoom H1 I had sent for RK's Hindi voice-over has arrived here now. It can also work as a USB mic. Simplest way to record seems to be with Cool Edit Pro.

With Reaper, have to make sure that the sampling rate is set to the same sampling rate as on the H1, otherwise the recording comes out with breaks. File -> Project Settings -> Project Sample Rate, then Options -> Preferences -> Audio -> Device -> Audio System has to be set to ASIO and again the sample rate has to be set.

Noise floor is impressively low. A sample I recorded at the Studio on the Presonus digital mixer there, using a dynamic mic and with air-conditioning on had a noise floor of -50 dB. Compared to that, from my office room, with the computer, AC, fan etc turned off, the Zoom H1 with input level set to 40% had a noise floor of -63 dB! That was recording to the micro-SD card. With computer on and recording via USB - using the H1 as a USB mic - the noise floor was around -54 dB - mostly the computer fan noise. Bird sounds and outside traffic sounds were below -50 dB when the mic was next to my mouth,  input level set to 40%, covered with a foam windscreen (pop filter). With AC on, a floor of around -45 dB. 

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