Monday, January 30, 2006

Procedure for preparing pre-recorded CDs for broadcast

1. Check content - extremely poor quality stuff and extremely jazzy stuff to be avoided.

2. Save as mono wav files to a folder in computer
(a) Open Nero Burning ROM
(b) Choose menu item Recorder->Save track
(c) Choose Settings, choose mono, choose folder to save in, GO.

3. Rename properly using tools like CKRename
(a) Songs are to be named like SV_AUSTRALIA_WE_ARE_ONE_07_WHY_FEAR.wav
(c) Similarly, instrumentals and concerts have prefixes also
BV = Bhajan Vocal
BI = Bhajan Instrumental
SI = Song Instrumental
SV = Song Vocal
CONCERT = concert
4. Remove silence in excess of 1 second max from beginning and end of each track,
apply fade in/fade out respectively.
(a) Open wav with the option "Operate directly on file" in Sound Forge
(b) Select silence, DEL
(c) Select beginning 1 sec, choose menu Process->Fade->Fade in,
similarly fade out at end.
(d) Save and close.
5. Put all tracks into a batch process to normalize volumes to -10dB
(a) In Sound Forge, choose menu item Tools->Batch...
(b) choose source files and destination folder
(c) Set convertion settings from menu item Options->Convertion Settings,
From the drop down lists, choose
"Normalize to -10dB"
respectively, choose the (+) button to add this to the batch operations.
(d) Run the batch process.
6. Convert the resulting files to mp3.
(a) Open Musicmatch Jukebox, choose menu item File->Convert Files
(b) Choose source and destination folders
(c) Choose wav as source and mp3 as destination, set to 96 kbps.

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