Monday, March 13, 2006

procedure for saicast update - creating the video file

1. Video source either as mpg (VideoCD) or MiniDV

  • VideoCD source grab to hard disk as .mpg file using VCDGear
  • MiniDV cappture to hard disk, now firewire is available, so Premiere can be used.
  • Composite RCA connector capture also possible with VirtualDub.

2. Add logo with VirtualDub

  • Use the resize filter with Bicubic option to get final size 320x240 with cropping as desired
  • Use the logo filter for the watermark, with WHITE.BMP as the logo image and "Use alpha channel from another image", logoMASK.bmp
  • Use Video->Compression Huffyuv codec before saving avi.

3. Use the saved profile 350_100_20 with Windows Media Encoder to convert avi to wmv - DO NOT overwrite this file! Choose CANCEL if it asks if you want to save this file at the end!

4. Edit the saved append.bat files appropriately and add begin and end segments to the video using wmvappend.exe.
In case adding the 350_100_20 begin and end files crashes, use separate files for 350, 100 and 20 kbs as given in next step. Ensure profiles match for files being appended!

5. Split the multi-audience file into separate 350, 100 and 20 kbs files using Windows Media Stream Editor.

6. Add appropriate metadata with Windows Media File Editor, in the same format as previous files.

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