Tuesday, March 22, 2011

avisynth and virtualdub for fulldome show

After warping with tgawarper, and rendering with virtualdub to make a movie, decided to do non-destructive edits with avisynth for making the credit appear at the beginning (so that the audience wouldn't walk out during the end credits!) and for the intro and outro videos. For the intro and outro videos, it turned out that taking 4:3 video as the source, I could just make the video occupy a 640x480 rectangle near the bottom of the 1920x1080 screen, and it would come out reasonably well though much enlarged when reflected with the mirrordome. This conclusion was reached after much trial and error using the General Quadrilateral Transform filter from here. The settings were as follows:

1000 - 520 = 480 and so on.

Except for simple FadeOut and Trim commands, the intro video was relatively straightforward. The show video itself had some extras, including a subtitle call for adding the Indian voices to the credits. The file was as below:


Trim(mix,0, 3085)
++ subtitle(Trim(mix,39024,40504), "Indian voices: K, A, V", -1, 1000, align=2, 651, 699)
++ FadeOut(Trim(mix,3116, 37816),60)

The last line being actually on a single line with all the ++ etc. The outro also had some gymnastics because of an extra line of audio I wanted added. This was before the Virtualdub quadrilateral transformation:
blank=BlankClip(video,length=750, color=$000000)
video_pre=AudioDub(blank, blankaudio)
video_pre ++ video

Finally, all the three - intro, outro and the show itself - were put in a KMPlayer playlist, a .KPL file.

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