Friday, April 08, 2011

upload issues with the new internet connection

Sometimes, the upload script was timing out. My hunch was that this was during times when there was intense network activity from others on the network - mostly http uploads. So this was my checklist to mitigate:

  1. Check if the router lights are blinking madly. If not, then you have no problem, you can upload.
  2. One more check may be to check in cyberoam if traffic has been dropped in the IDS - in the dashboard. If yes, you could restart management services. (If traffic is being dropped, DNS may fail and you may not be able to connect to outside servers.)
  3. If lights blinking madly, you can put the 512 kbps speed limit for http in cyberoam. For this, the procedure is as follows.
    (a) In cyberoam, go to Firewall -> Manage Firewall -> LAN to WAN
    (b) There you have to edit rules 1 and 2 - both of them are duplicates. You need to go to bandwidth policy and choose 512 kbps and save changes.

    This will limit outgoing traffic to 512 kbps, so incoming ssh will not be timed out.
This checklist is yet to be tested, but I hope this will solve the issue.

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