Wednesday, August 24, 2011

live video streaming test

Running Adobe Flash media encoder and C++ RTMP server locally for running tests.

First downloaded Wowza server with a free developer license and tested after installing it with the documentation given at wowza forums.

Then tested by copying the same html file mentioned above to another system.

Then tried stopping Wowza and starting the C++ RTMP server. It asked for a username and pw for the encoder to connect, found that it was located in users.lua
Entered suitable values and the encoder connected without problems. Next, tried on the other system with the same test file supplied with Wowza, and it worked.

Next step was an flv player embedded in the website.

Downloaded JWPlayer's latest version, first tried the quick-start method given in the downloaded pdf. That did not work. Reason was wrong path. Even giving full path did not work, since our server was configured not to serve .mp4 - it gave access denied. Anyway, the player was coming up embedded on the page.

Next, followed the docs at

With streamer address given as a private ip address, it did not work. Configured the router to use a virtual server at the Macbook, port 1935 for rtmp, and it worked with the public ip - used the domain name, actually.

Later, tried out the private ip address also - that also worked. The player on the remote server does not need to contact the streamer directly. Only the client needs to contact the streamer. The first time the private ip address did not work was because of other issues with embedding the player - the player itself was not appearing.

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