Saturday, March 31, 2012

procedure for Mandir live broadcast

Documenting the Mandir live broadcast procedure.
  1. Power on procedure is:
    (a) UPS input on
    (b) UPS on
    (c) Extension box power on (right-hand side of equipment box)
    (d) Tascam US-1641 power on
    (e) MacBook power on
    Power down procedure follows in the reverse order.
  2. In the MacBook, the programs to be run are in right-to-left order in the Dock. We start by powering up the Tascam Control Panel app.
  3. In the Tascam Control Panel, choose the dropdown to change the Digital output channels from line out 1 & 2 to line out 3 & 4.
  4. Next, fire up the Jack Pilot app.
  5. Press the start button in Jack Pilot to start Jack. Wait till Jack starts up, with a wait dialog box indicating the starting of Jack.
  6. Next, start the BUTT app.
  7. And finally start Reaper.
  8. Now set up routing in Jack for broadcast. For this, click on the Routing button in Jack Pilot, and choose File -> Load Studio Setup, choosing the broadcast_setup.jks file.
  9. The setup can be tested by playing the output of reaper. Reaper channels 1-8 are mapped to sliders 1-8 on the Korg NanoKontrol. Channels 9-14 are mapped to knobs 1-6.
    Channel 12 (knob 4) has instrumental music and
    Channel 13 (knob 5) has the pre-live announcement pre-loaded.
    Channel 14 (knob 6) has the full mix output of PA mixer coming in.
    Pressing play on the Korg NanoKontrol allows you to test whether the BUTT gets signal when knob 5 is opened, as seen by the lit up LED-style indicators on BUTT.
  10. Start playback of pre-live Announcement in Reaper approximately 3 minutes before desired start of live broadcast.
  11. Press the 'Play' button in BUTT to start live broadcast on AsiaStream.
  12. Double-click the "startlive.command" shortcut on the Desktop to start live broadcast on TeluguStream.

  13. Fade out knob 5 and allow knob 6 to maintain around -12 dB at the output when the program starts. Playback can be stopped with the stop button on the NanoKontrol.
  14. Recording of programs is mapped to Channel 15 which is record enabled. The spacebar is the shortcut key.
  15. If recording is in progress, if a filler instrumental is to be added, BI.mp3 can be dragged from desktop to Channel 12 (knob 4) which has record enable DISABLED - the dull red ar button.
    Unless the track has record enable Disabled, playback will not occur from the track.
  16. The same procedure as above can be used to drag and drop the ANN_END_LIVE end announcement file for playout at the end if no one is available for live announcement.
  17. The microphone with stand available can be connected to the XLR input Channel 8 on the Tascam, and this can be used for Live announcements.
  18. In case there is live video streaming, the network cable tagged "Studio" has to be disconnected from the Macbook and connected to one of the BLUE coloured LAN ports of the router. The router has to be plugged into the UPS. The lan cable from the router has to be plugged into the MacBook. This setup has to be restored at the end of the live broadcast by unplugging the router and restoring the "Studio" tagged network cable, connecting it back to the Macbook.

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