Sunday, November 04, 2012

more on using panoramas on fulldome

But my posts so far have been for using a shortcut to displaying the panorama on the dome. Finishing up my previous post, here is the pan with the "visible" region having the interesting part of the pan, with the rest of the image filled with a mirror image and white space on top (which could have been replaced with "sky".) The amount of stretching required seems to be a bit ad-hoc, depending on the field of view, I suppose. If the field of view is more, then probably the stretching may not be required? Anyway, this was stretched 2.5x, and made into a rectangle and not a square before making polar - implying more stretching in that process.

Flat image, stretched and mirrored:

and the polar version,

For better results, I guess I should map the pan onto a cylindrical surface and use the view from the fisheye camera in Blender.
I'll check out the above image by animating it to make a full circle and watch it on the dome, and then proceed.

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