Sunday, October 20, 2013

VLC-based Warp-on-the-fly player from Paul Bourke - mini review

Paul has now released the VLC-based Warp-on-the-fly player. Here was my mini-review for the beta test done on Oct 4.

As Paul mentions, there are some performance issues. Relatively low bitrate / lower resolution files are OK. The file  - 1280x1280, 6.4 Mbps with avc1 codec - plays smoothly. A 2K file I encoded with Xvid codec, 9.8 Mbps, plays at something like 15 fps, with more frames being dropped where the scenes are more complex. Seems to be CPU limited in my case, so people with beefier CPUs should be OK. Mine is an Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor at 1.9 GHz, with Nvidia Geforce 9100 M Graphics.
CPU usage -

1280x1280, 6.4 Mbps with avc1 codec with warp - 55% with beginning peak of 75%

1280x1280, 6.4 Mbps with avc1 codec without warp - 40%

2048 x 2048 Xvid codec, 9.8 Mbps with warp - hits 99, 100%, hence frames dropped to 15 fps or so.

2048 x 2048 Xvid codec, 9.8 Mbps without warp - 65%, with peaks of 75% for complex scenes.

Another issue for me is that the snapshot feature, or the convert feature, does not capture the warped file, but instead captures the input frame. Perhaps there is some setting which I should do in order to capture / export the warped frames from this player? If I can get the capture / export working, then the performance issues will be moot......

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