Friday, November 01, 2013

video editing with blender

Following the steps given at this post. Basically, choose Video Editing in the Choose Screen Layout drop-down just to the right of the menus, and change the default Graph editor window into a Properties windows when you want to do the export.

Right-click and drag to move clips. K to cut. Shift Right-click on two clips to select both of them, then choose bottom menu item Add -> Effect Strip... -> Gamma Cross to cross fade. Have to enable AV sync if needed, default is no sync.

And as this tip says, to move a view-port to a different monitor, shift+left click on the upper right corner of the view port to make it a separate window.

To get rid of a view port, as mentioned here, move the cursor near the border with the next area till it becomes a double-sided arrow, right-click and choose join areas.

The scroll bar handles can be used to expand/contract the timeline view in the Video Sequence editor.

Mouse scroll wheel also zooms in and out. Middle mouse button to pan. Full details are at the Blender wiki.

Select a clip and hit k to cut. Right-click and drag on the arrows at either end of clip to trim.

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