Tuesday, May 20, 2014

more experiments with Software Bisque Seeker Theater Edition

More trials with Software Bisque Seeker Theater Edition:

  1. The About Seeker menu item and Solar System Map feature work when not in "Fulldome" mode, and when the flat screen version of "None" is selected in Settings -> Dome Projection.
  2. When writing scripts, leaving a space after the command tag and the first argument is a must. Wasted a lot of time wondering why <WAIT>20 was not working - it should be <WAIT>  20
  3.  <DOMEIMAGE> doesn't work with jpg files. Targa files as given in the example are fine.
  4.  <DOMEIMAGE> works best for small images - distorts panoramas etc.
  5. <QUIET> 0 makes not only sound effects, but also a counter of time elapsed while running scripts in flat screen mode - not in fulldome mode. 
  6. The spaceship movement seems to be auto-linked to the nearest object. 
As an example for the last point, after doing <WARP> "Earth" , using spaceship thrusters to move towards the moon and creating a waypoint there, when time is advanced, the camera and ship movement sync to make the moon centred. This is sometimes a problem, like when we want to make the moon move across the ecliptic. The moon as seen from earth is displayed too small to be visible in fulldome mode. But if we move close enough to the moon as to make it visible, camera and ship are no longer locked to earth, but are locked to the moon!

Also, access to the Software Bisque support forums are linked to the subscription. After one year subscription elapses, "Access Denied" to the support forums. In my case, "Access Denied" even 12 days before expiry of subscription. Can't even reply to my own bug-report post!

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