Tuesday, December 13, 2016

raw 14-bit images with Canon 1100D

According to wikipedia, our Canon EOS 1100D camera is capable of saving to RAW 14 bit CR2 format!
To convert linearly,

suggests dcraw with the following commandline - 

dcraw -v -4 -H 0 -W -w -q 3 file.nef

below is a command which can be saved as a batch file (filename.bat) which works on Windows XP for linear conversion to tiff, for all files in the folder. Tested working on Windows 8.1 also. 

for /r %%i in (*.CR2) do dcraw -v -4 -H 0 -W -w -q 3 -T %%~nxi

A similar shell script on Linux / Mac would have the following form, adapted from

for f in ~/path/*.CR2
dcraw -v -4 -H 0 -W -w -q 3 -T "$f"

The -T makes dcraw output a TIFF file instead of the default Portable Pixmap PPM file. 

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