Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sureyyasoft Shira Player mini review

Tried out the Shira Player from Sureyyasoft - a player modified from a Stellarium base. At first it crashed, the developer sent me a shader file to put in the data folder, after which it works. Interestingly, it does on the fly warping of fisheye movies using the spheric mirror distortion built into Stellarium. But as mentioned in my previous post on Stellarium, the output image quality when warped is not so great, especially when I use image capture and compare with the other warping tools.

Image obtained from the avisynth plugin, using Flipvertical():

Image obtained from Shiraplayer:

Additionally, there seems to be some sort of up-down flipping involved: Flipvertical() was used in the avisynth script to get a similar image.

Update: Newer version of Shiraplayer with these issues solved, discussed here.


  1. Hi Hari
    Thank you for your review.
    But I think there is a small problem about output size. The image you show on the site has 1277 width and 719 height.
    It is smalled about 80%.

    You have to set values like below for same resolution avisynth plugin. And please put output file which has real resoulution image.
    Also I will be happy if you test the performance of video about bitrate and resolutions.
    screen_h = 900
    screen_l = 1280
    screen_w = 1600


  2. Updated now, with 1920x1080 screenshot. Also, let me note that this mini review is not comprehensive by any means. I've not commented on any of the features of the Shiraplayer, like showing stills, switching seamlessly from the sky display of Stellarium to recorded shows, fading into videos and so on. As mentioned in Asaf's original post, the player can play fulldome content with full hardware acceleration support, so any fulldome video which plays in VLC etc will play without hiccups on the Shiraplayer also. When used without the spheric distortion mode, ie. in fisheye mode, there is no issue with video clarity at all. My observations were just about my particular point of interest, which is (preferably offline) rendering of mirror-dome content. :)

  3. Unfortunately, I find that blogger is resizing the screenshot, and making it 1600x903. Anyway, the other image is also being resized in a similar way.

  4. Thank you Hari for new upload.
    Now I have noticed that Shira warped is not so great as you said before.
    I have to solve this issue.