Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sureyyasoft Shira Player mini review update

In my earlier post about the Shiraplayer, I had mentioned the warp quality issues it carried forward from its stellarium base. Now the developer has added a better warp functionality in the latest release 1.5.1 - a custom warp data file module.

Initially, on using this version, I got blockiness, as in the screenshot below.

The developer suggested I restart the application after choosing the warp file, and try again, this time it worked fine. So, no more warp quality issues.

Unfortunately my PC (Athlon 1.9 GHz laptop) is not fast enough for realtime usage of shiraplayer with warping.

The Shiraplayer process with the new warping mode takes approximately as much cpu as the warping vlc player produced by Paul. But Shiraplayer has two processes running, one with the video and one with the other features. The process with the other features takes up nearly 50% cpu on my system. So, Shiraplayer stutters while playing even those videos which play OK on Paul's realtime player. For eg, even the 1.2K videos which take up 30% cpu on Paul's player, playing back at full 30 fps, are played back only at 15 fps on Shiraplayer.

But probably all these will not be an issue for those with more powerful PCs. Probably a decently specced machine from the last two years should be able to handle it just fine.

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