Friday, April 04, 2014

2:1 equirectangular to angular fisheye

Checking out the IMERSA live action photography talk at fddb, the speakers talk about VideoStitch - trying out their demo videos, found that it renders output to 2:1 equirectangular format. The IMERSA speakers mention using the NAVEGAR Fulldome plugin for AE for converting this video to fulldome domemasters.

Checking Andrew Hazelden's Photoshop actions pack demo images, found that I can get the same result using Gimp's Filters -> Distorts -> Polar Co-ordinates

Since this view is supposed to be closer to a sphere than a hemi-sphere as we need on the dome, we would probably need to cut out some of the grass in the picture. Original 1600 x 800, probably close to 360 degrees by 360 degrees field of view,

Leaving in a little bit of grass, cropping to 1600 x 450 or so, (also rotated to get the mountains to foreground)

Cropping to 1600 x 400, technically should be close to 360 x 180 degrees FOV,

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